Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Valentines Day speech

I hope to say this without sounding like every other guy before me but Valentine's Day has truly gotten confusing for me. I am going to bring it down to its most basic level and discuss it further from there. This is how I understand Valentine's Day presently. There is an expected exchange of gifts, which are meant to be surprises and often not discussed as to what the other wants or does not, and if that sort of exchange does occur one is still expected to have a rabbit up his sleeve. The guy generally takes his significant other out to some sort of meal and after spending the amount of money he likely spent, most guys expect a little, well to be blunt sex.

This does not make sense. There is a random day, so very close to christmas (and conveniently at the start of a lot of company's fiscal years) that this holiday lands on. We spend more time engaged in what to get one another that we forget to show we care and love one another on this holiday. Is that not what it is supposed to be about? I hardly doubt Saint Valentine was some capitalist afficionado.

Relationships have such a large amount of insecurity and need built into them that Valentine's Day acts more like a reminder to us that we care about someone else. And for our significant others it lets us know how much we care for them. Why should this be a designated day? Have we gotten so lost in our busy humdrum lives that Valentines Day is more important than the other 364 days we should be telling them we care? I know people think its a Hallmark Holiday and its just outside pressure that creates this consumerism. I think its the female psyche and our lack of faith in our own relationships. For a holiday named after a saint, youd think a little more faith would be involved, trust yourself at least, be the bigger person and ask for nothing, but it still wont work because remember, your partner has to remind themselves they care too.