Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I know its been a week and I kept my public waiting. I am oh so sorry.

With that taken care of - lets discuss apologies. The infamous "I'm Sorry" . Something we were forced to say to our siblings when we didnt want to, forced to tell our parents so we werent grounded, and now are forced to tell significant others so they shut up once in a while. So how much clout does "sorry" really have. Of course there are the times where you can tell how sincere someone is about it, but even then how many apologies can you handle before you just dont listen to them anymore?

The sorry shit only lasts for so long before you start to question if they are actually apologetic or if they just hope that what worked previously to solve an issue actually does. Only apologize if you are actually wrong dammit. Theres been plenty of times where I do not apologize when I feel I had done nothing wrong, I am not going to compromise what I feel because someone else thinks its right.

So what is the current status of sorry today? I would think with the amount we are forced to say it as kids, we just come to find that it is simply a statement that makes things all better. Mom and Dad make you say it, you do, and life goes on right? Not when you are adults however. I just wonder if people toss it around like they do four letter extravaganzas and words that can be transcribed with @ and # symbols and other assorted Shift+number symbols.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this entry, and if you didnt enjoy it, Im sorry?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

You got Game?

Over the course of spring break we had a discussion about whether or not people have game when they go after members of the opposite sex. I proposed personally that I do not consider when I attract a girl or not game, but if I did that it would be referred to as prolonged game, in the sense that I take my time and girls like me over time not because I said something cute at a bar. I also think that as people date someone for an extended amount of time, that they eventually lose said game that they may have. You drop out of the race for so long can you catch up?

This is interesting because I dont think game has anything to do with it. I think people like to tell themselves that it does because it makes them feel more confident in any decisions they may be making and hell, its an ego boost. But what is game really? Does anyone actually have it?

Most of the time "game" is based entirely on how "hot or not" the person is. A girl isnt going to talk to you in a bar if you look like Jabba the Hut, its just not gonna happen unless she has a seeing eye dog and a stick. The truth of the matter is, it shouldnt be about game. It should be about chillin and being yourself and waiting for someone to notice that, and appreciate that. THAT is game. Its much harder to just be yourself around a girl you find attractive than to impress her with lines or what have you. So what do you guys think...is game actually existent or is some sort of social construction?