Monday, July 25, 2005

Ah technology

So I noticed on Friday that my computer decided once again to eat shit. Every summer something goes wrong and I end up with what I called a 'Glorified Paperweight'. This GPW is starting to piss me off. I am on GPW v3.0 now and dont understand why something craps out every summer. This time I seem to have no more CD-ROM drives (which means no DVD+R or CDR ...not cool).

In other news:

A newly opened restaurant called Car Crash has had to close down - after a car crashed into the building. -I love how funny the world can be sometimes. Thats what you get for picking the worst restaurant name ever.

The world's oldest mum, who gave birth at the age of 66, says she wants another baby - You could not pay me to stick my one eyed pirate into a 66 year old Cave no matter what promises of treasure and booty you offer. Thats just gross.

Don't you hate it when someone in public says hi to you, say at a bar, but actually knows you by name..and the entire time you have to sit there trying to figure out who the hell it is? They ask you specific questions like, "How is (insert university you went to here or best friend from 10 yrs ago)?" and you want to ask them back but hell you dont know their name let alone what school they went to. Then theres the douches who say hi to you simply because they went to your high school, man I didn't talk to you then and this bar certainly doesn't have enough booze for me to start now. Happy monday everyone FLJDFLKJDFKDFJ