Thursday, July 21, 2005

A few rants here n there

Is it ok that I cheered when I found this out? My sense of humanity and sympathy is thrown out the window in the venue of sports. Take a break have another stroke - Its Colts time baby.

I go through music faster than Britney went through her career and into parenthood. So I decided to give KROCK2 a test drive. KROCK2 is the internet station for WXRK in NYC. Death Cab for Cutie just came on. I hate seeing this musical world I put up around myself to escape from everyone else turn into something everyone else is partaking in. How the hell did Death Cab go from small time Barsuk Records recordings to KROCK2. Sucks but at least they will be around to make more music right?

Why cant the company give us a day off with pay rather than a lame picnic? Why would I want to go outside in the middle of the day and sweat like crazy just to come back to my cubicle? Are you serious?

When did teenagers all start looking alike? I see kids at the movies and what not and I wonder if they all go shopping together...PS - your hair looks stupid dyed black(well most of you)

So much for my not bitching post from yesterday...I hope everyone is ok in London

Islam should become the new milleniums lepracy..put all those gun toting freaks on an island together with some bombs...let them blow each other up. Hell, Gladiator was a cool movie im down for watching them take on the lions...I put $1 into the jar for the Islammoseum - donations greatly appreciated - together we can make dreams become reality