Monday, July 18, 2005

The Fun Money curve

Whilst working hard this morning I came up with a theory I ran past Shanks. I decided that the corporate pay scale function similarly to that of a supply demand curve. For those of you ignorant to economics I shall make this simple. The supply demand curve is used to determine the best price at which to sell something - The higher the supply the less demand, the higher the demand the less supply. Thus you achieve an equilibrium where the selling and demand can live happily holding hands and making babies.

Now comes my theory. Please take note that this theory does not include jobs that I personally consider non-existent due to self esteem and jealousy issues we all have with the rich and famous. Thusly, anything involving playing sports, making mainstream music, and movies is completely void of this theory. Much like software giant Microsoft scoffs at the supply demand curve. On with the show.

The more fun a job is the less money you get paid for it. For example, my buddy is interning at ESPN. Ok, hes not even doing anything involved with sports, sportscenter, wanna be sports shows like Cold Pizza, or even Poker(still not a sport - stop your driveling). He gets paid almost half what I do, which is sit bored on my ass all day reading blogs and checking sports websites. I do more sports stuff than he does. BUT he gets to say "Yes I worked at ESPN". Which means an increase in fun and decrease in funds. My job is at a giant corporate conglomerate which to this day I cannot truly explain what we do outside of publish a paper that is more conservative than Planned Parenthood and Less Conservative than that bowtie wearing ass on CNN, Tucker Carlson.

In conclusion - if you want a fun job I hope you dont want to get paid for it. If money is more important I got some labels you could print out and a few files that need put away.