Thursday, July 28, 2005

Heres a penny, buy yourself a life

Being that I write this at work, a lot of these posts are work influenced. Do you guys find it weird that the people you spend the majority of your week with, we will say 35-50 hours, don't actually know who you are at all?

I assume most of you dont spend an additional 35-50 hours with friends. This is both depressing and interesting. We spend all this time at work with all these people. Some of us make good friends at work, but in the case of someone like me, a 24 yr old surrounded by people more likely to get arthritis before going to the bar, I don't make friends here. These people have no clue about me at all. They think I am this perfectly nice young kid, but if they saw the two tattoos on my legs their opinions would suddenly shift and thats fucked up.

How is it we can spend so much time with people at work and never be allowed to truly be ourselves? And I dont just mean garbage like wearing what you want, but how many times have you wanted to make some snide sarcastic comment to a boss but alas you cannot. Again, I dont mean AT your boss just to be funny or something but its too awkward. Its amazing that we are forced to sacrifice identity for the very thing most people use to purchase one, money.