Friday, July 15, 2005

Holy Handicapped Judge Batman!

So for reasons I cannot explain, everyone is talking about Rehnquist, who not only has an obnoxious name to type out, but also has more health issues than a nursing home and quite possibly goes through as many bed pans. How is this man still left to serve? The guy can barely walk, has tubes running out of who knows where at this point, is anyone even sure that hes not ACTUALLY dead? Now that would make for an interesting white house press conference. They cant even handle questions about Rove, Id love to see an onslaught of questions pertaining to a robotic chief justice utilized simply to maintain conservative votes in the supreme court. Ok but I am not a politics man, this was just a quick rant.

My girlfriend and I have had this conversation about pet peeves pertaining to the people we are all blessed with observing day in and day out. As I think of more I will post them here assuming people even find it the tiniest bit humorous, although I expect people not to laugh so much as want the last minute of their life back. But I am selfish and will do as I please so read on my puppet of literacy.

The couples who walk with their hands in each other pockets needs to stop. Its like they are playing a sick twisted game of siamese twins just to see what it feels like were they attached at the armpits. Why is this so necessary? Can you not hold hands like a normal couple? There seems to be some overwhelming desire for booty grabbing whilst window shopping I suppose. These people are also the type to generally sneak into dressing rooms together or ask the clerk "Can we share a dressing room?" Nobody wants to clean up after that - thanks. I know this type of complaining seems stupid and pointless - and quite frankly it is. But I dont give a shit, these people look ridiculous. Not quite as ridiculous as the poor kid whos mom thinks he requires a leash to be functional in public, but ridiculous none the less. Walking with your significant other should consist of just that, walking, not a long term game of grabass. I get weird enough looks hugging someone I havent seen in a long time in public, just imagine if I jammed my hands down their back pocket.....