Monday, July 18, 2005

Mega Ultra Uber Secret

I know I said I am not really into politics but this makes me laugh anyway. I wa sreading a column by John Dean on CNN and this excerpt can be found about halfway through

Rove may be able to claim that he did not know he was leaking "classified information" about a "covert agent," but there can be no question he understood that what he was leaking was "sensitive information." The very fact that Matt Cooper called it "double super-secret background" information suggests Rove knew of its sensitivity, if he did not know it was classified information (which by definition is sensitive).

Ok, "doube super secret background". Who the hell talks like that? Was he triple dog dared into leaking this information. Rove is involved in the upper echelons of the political world and he is going to play dumb now? At least Clinton tried to be slick. While Rove is hardly the president, and thank god for that, he still had to know what he was doing. Its amazing what these guys get away with.

On that note, whats the craziest thing you ever got away with? I will think about it and post mine as an update later.


Ok I have been thinking about this all morning. I never got away with anything CRAZY. I did get away with not writing a paper in college and due to my performance in the class the teacher could have sworn I turned it in and got a B on it. Rather than be honest I took the free grade. This was before I became studious and actually liked school. That isnt exactly crazy by any means. Oh well if I come up with something better I will post it - I dont think its that I dont do crazy/stupid things - its just that I get caught hah.