Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Memories in the Corner of my Ears.....

In my blogging adventures of late, I have noticed that a large portion of people's writing pertains to some sort of release or as people in the field of psychology call it, "bitching". I, myself, am also guilty of this observation but I am not here to discuss people's reasons or motives behind it. I just thought I would post something of a more positive nature. Partly because I have been inspired by Ruben to say something on the happier end of the spectrum.

How great does it feel when you put on an album that you havent listened to in a while. And when you put it on you rediscover how great that album is. While it doesn't need to be groundbreaking in the grand scheme of music, it just feels good to you. Whether it is the associations the album has with positive past experiences or just the aural qualities an album possesses. This is a great occurrence especially for me. I am a huge fan of music and my collection tends to get overwhelming at times and I forget some of the stuff I own or have on mp3. So I will randomly reinsert a CD I have not listened to in a while. This most recently occurred with a promotional copy of The Long Winters album I received to do an interview with John Roderick a while back. This album is just fantastic and vast. John doesn't care about genre or doing things right or wrong, just so long as he is writing songs, and they are good songs at that. So yeah, has this happened to you recently? Is there an album that you recently put on and remembered how fantastic it is? Maybe you put on a movie that did the same thing?

Worst band name you know of without googling it?

My tops are:

Toad the Wet Sprocket - wtf does this even mean

Cradle of Filth - Again I have no idea what a cradle of filth is, but once cradle is inserted I begin to think baby - Baby Filth, fuckin paedophiles

Dandy Warhols(god i hate that name) - This isnt clever - this is just a sad attempt at creativity.

PS. The lead singer of Coldplay is railing Gwyneth Paltrow regularly, makes music for a living, and is rich as hell - WTF is he so sad about? The only thing I can think of is the fact that he was stupid enough to agree to naming his kid Apple.