Wednesday, July 27, 2005

That voice on the other end...

As I have mentioned previously, I work for a rather large company. Because of this, I hardly see all the people with whom I have contact(mostly of the electronic variety). This is because of international offices as well as just those based in other locations. One manager has been having a lot of issues with her attendance records matching up with ours. This has caused me to have much interaction with her as of late - today the second time we spoke on the phone.

Now, this is not a big deal, but suddenly that text has a voice, still sans face. However, in the work environment everyone writes in this hoity toity manner that reflects an amount of professionalism. The phone for some reason unleashes the inner comedian in people. A simple conversation ended up containing the following two exchanges:

Her: "Yeah I specifically remember having a phone conversation with my mom where I said, "Now I know why people end up dead from this disease" - in regards to sick days taken in 2004.

Me: "OH haha(not at all fake laughter who do u take me...yeah it was fake)"

Her: "As far the remaining carry over days for this year, I likely won't need them, unless of course I am hit by a bus"

Me: "...ok"

Weird..I guess cause shes a coworker I expected some sort of dull exchange and before I knew it I had one 4 min conversation involving elderly deaths and a bus accident - fuckin weird