Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Why Corporate America is Lame

Sure we've all had our awesome jobs which generally most of us had pre-career choice. However, I am not so sure its my boring as hell job that makes me shake my head at Corporate America, so much as it is the way things work. For example in the last 2 days of work I have done the following work related things:

Filed (yes 4 yrs of college = filing, I would like to extend a thanks to UConn for not only impacting my wallet but my ability to select from numerous career options)

Called the Help Desk for my boss because he wouldn't do it - 5 sec phone call? If your time is that precious you better be named Bill or Donald, or regrettably George.

Ordered PC equipment, for a secretary to TAKE HOME. Now when a secretary of equal position as myself cannot order her own freaking mouse.....sigh

So needless to say the way this freakin company works is ridiculous. I have to put newspapers on my bosses' desks in the morning because the 2 foot walk from their desk to where the papers are is grueling and time consuming - we wouldnt want them to come down with typhoid or cholera on the great trek to Oregon now would we?