Thursday, July 14, 2005

Your Edumucation Makes you Lose Points

As I begin to write this I can assure you the title is meant to read as is, and thats how this post was born:

One day, in the midst of mass consumerism I walk into the typical "Holy Crap this CD is expensive here" store in the mall. I was expecting a barrage of Hilary Duff life sized cardboard cutouts next to the latest 50 cent album, but instead I got a young African American male(20s) making a sales pitch to younger African American males(teens). The item of interest you ask? Playas and Haters - a card game based off the widely successful Magic: The Gathering no doubt. His sales pitch basically went as follows:

Salesman: "So you walk into a club right and you be wearin a bandana right? So the girl be feelin you, knowhatimsayin? And in the game you get points for that knawhatimean?"

Kids: *blank stares and confusion*

My friend being the mature college student that I myself, as well as any of you that read this were I am sure, decided to purchase the game and see what possibly could be held within. This is when I realized how awful this game truly is. I thought Ghettopoly was bad, but this game actually has penalty cards for 1) knowing how to read(which you would have to be able to do to play the game) and 2) graduating High School. You also accumulate Hos, Hoodrats, and Rides. Not to mention guns and other such Bling. This game has zero value in a system where rap videos are already instilling great impressions on todays youth. So where do kids get to find role models these days?

Athletes Right?
How about the Redskins?
How about the Chiefs?
Oh I know - the TITANS right?

Well I am going to go read and lose some playa points then maybe get a DUI and hit a female - its what all the cool people are