Monday, August 08, 2005

Begin Sappy Transmission

Be prepared for some sappy inner workings of Amateur after this disclaimer. If you do not wish to read of such things, feel free to scroll down to Thursdays' Cocktail o The Day and get wasted and move on:

So things are finally starting to fall into place with the woman. After a couple summers of poor communication on both our parts and never settling in on any one decision, we have finally made major steps towards actually making something of all this time we have both put in. It has been a rather amazing summer because of her and neither one of us is positive what the future holds in specifics, but I am not so sure that worries us either. I think its more or less that we just want the other one around and thats far more comforting than I would have thought possible for me. And for those of you who truly know about my attitude about dating, you understand that this doesnt seem like me at all. Alas, thats the way things are now and I am more than ok with that.

This weekend a lot happened in relationship land and it has made the two of us really start to think about things, but its all been positive. There are still a couple weeks left before we both go back to school and I am confident they will be well spent.


So how was everyone's weekend? I hope you all enjoyed the nice weather, the pictures I took over the weekend came out good for the most part and I should have some up on Flickr shortly with a photoblog to come next semester.