Friday, August 12, 2005

Deeeeez nuts tagged my ass

So I got Tagged/Memed/whatever todays hip word is by Dzer aka DEEEEEEZ nuts:

List 5 Idiosyncraccisciseiteies (Screw you thats how its spelled)

1-I have major issues sometimes with symmetry. Not like Rainman issues. But issues. For example I had a tattoo of an angel on my right calf muscle so I had to get another angel on my left one cause it was too off balance.

2-I am completely obsessed with fixing mine and others typos in instant messaging programs. I also get quite peeved with myself when I feel like I am sporting the typing skills of Corky on a sugar rush with a blindfold and mittens on.

3-If there is hair in the bathtub at all even if it is mine…I refuse to touch the shit. I aim the shower thing at it until it goes down the drain. If I don’t notice it until im already in the shower I will dance around the fucker while it goes down the drain kind of like a drunk tango without a partner and of course the naked thing.

4-If something comes up in conversation that I think I should know I am automatically overwhelmed with the fact that I am a bastard for not knowing and will do whatever I can to seek out said information I should have known in the first place. Like if you ask me what Keats’ first poem is, which see I don’t know I will now have to go look it up……. Keats's first book, Poems, was published in 1817. It was about this time Keats started to use his letters as the vehicle of his thoughts of poetry. "Endymion", Keats's first long poem appeared, when he was 21. GOD BLESS YOU GOOGLE!!!

5-I will do anything I can to avoid being within feet(other acceptible measurements are inches and miles) of a bee. This includes but is not limited to: Screaming like a 4 yr old girl whos brother popped her Barbie doll’s head off(WHAT she was a dumb blonde and I had nothing to do with it). Run like I am competing against a Kenyan in some sort of Olympic event, and flooring the gas pedal so I can get the car to a safe place to take part in either the first or second thing I just listed.

I choose to tag up Shane, RM, Theresa, and uh thats about it that reads this blog and hasnt already been tagged by Deeeeeeeeez nuts