Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Does...not...compute aka My Compute r sucks

My computer at home is finally up and working again. Technology seems to hate me to a most ridiculous degree. If technology were a race, Id start the governmentally funded NAATHP. National Association for the Advancement of Technologically Hated Peoples.

I can use video game consoles, dvd players, vcrs, and all that shit with no problem. But once my finger touches my keyboard at home? My pc starts to mind fahk me. It likes to make me feel retarded. This is the point where I give my computer to SDogg who Harry Potters the crap out of it and suddenly it works again. I don’t know how that kid does what he does but someone oughta get the kid a broom and a wand. I believe the title of his book would be SDogg Potter and the Bagina of Destruction(inside joke of his don’t ask)

When did it get to the point where computers are so ridiculous to fix? I work at school fixing computers around one of the academic buildings. Our department gets so many awful phone calls for the students’ laptops that we have resulted in formatting just about every hard drive that comes in because its easier. File this rant under the same one as my printer rant…We need to achieve some sort of universal computer care system or something..Forget the old people and their medicare I need compucare dammit.

With that being said my life of video games and counter-strike filled evenings can commence once more thanks to SDogg curing my glorified paperweight of all its ailings.