Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Here a Rant, There a Rant, everywhere a rant rant

And away we go...

People need to not stick their nose in business that has nothing to do with them.

AIM profiles and away messages should no longer function on the level that the 10 commandments did(Do?). For christ sake females...calm down its just a profile its not an inner monologue.

Take the 2nd rant and think about how the 1st one got created..idiots

An institution of higher learning should really get their paperwork and all that straight. In a week I have switched jobs 3 times due to schedule issues, saying I have work study, oh no wait you dont have work study, and so on. PS when did the university send out a memo requesting teachers to invade my exit only hole? Jesus this relationship is totally getting abusive.

If you come in from the rain soaking wet, dont make some non-witty comment about how "OH ITS RAINING OUT THERE" no shit thats why I am carrying an umbrella and you are a wet pile of rags.

Sorry I havent been updating but school is just settling in and things should get more regular and by regular I mean like old people bowel movement with that what you will