Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I'll tell you where you can stick it!

I come from a family which has its fair share of pretty crappy luck. My dad was laid off twice and it has financially stunned and beat the crap out of our family. It has often times made the life at home unbearable because the parents dont handle money issues like that too well, who can blame them? Today is my last day for the summer where I am working and people are being laid off.

This really bothers me a lot and I feel like I sit here day after day doing nothing(and I have spoken up about it) and yet these guys come in day after day and WORK. Yet I have people telling me they wish I was staying and these guys have to go home today ..without coming back. This makes me really angry. Imagine if you were in college and one day your advisor hands you an envelope and says, "we don't have the funds to keep enough staff around to teach every student, we have to let you go" I say this because most of my readers arent career types yet. Losing your job is majorly disappointing and difficult to handle.

I wish I had a positive post to put here today but my heart goes out to the families that are about to get a major shock today. I wish them all the best and hope they can make it through.