Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Pop Trash Movie

Things that suck:

When people anuniciate the letter 'S' and it is a high pitched SSsssss sound even if they dont hold it

Bees - fuck em, I will become the first professional pollenator just get rid of the bastards

Mr. Clean - Please, with the amount of aggression this guy has towards cleaning, you know hes friends with those raging idiots on Bravo...yes you know the ones

The bands today that rip off 80s New Wave and somehow get drooled over like they came up with something totally new and creative, Way to give Duran Duran fans a reason to live..

Duran Duran fans

Any sort of container that not only comes with a protective seal around the lid of the damn thing but then when you go to use the contents inside you find that they have a stupid foil thing over the top too - especially spices because you have to get that clear plastic piece off first..I shouldnt need weapons to open a jar of Sage.

Crappy movies - and I dont mean the kind that are so awful, college kids around the country unite in some muggy dorm room armed with Milwaukees Best to laugh at the horrendous movie before them (See also: Patrick Swayze, Kurt Russel) but the kind that just make you want to hunt down the person who made it and beat the shit out of them (See also: Son of the Mask, You Got Served)

That's enough cheer for one morning - WELCOME TO HUMP DAY BOYS AND GIRLS!