Monday, August 01, 2005

Recycling is for the Uncreative

Before all you environmentally charged hippies come knocking at my door. I do not mean recycling of waste products but more along the lines of recycling jokes. For example the following things keep showing up...

1) 80s metal/shit rock Band jokes. I stick to jokes about Viking metal bands because that is far funnier than being inundated with jokes about Journey and Def Leppard. It is getting ridiculous, we all know they sucked and its hilarious to hear their stuff because we can recall how incredibly awful they are...wonderful

2) Celebrity Lists - These come in all forms, those that say Worst Dressed(with witty commentary to coincide), perhaps Biggest Douchebag Celebrities. This is what magazines do at the end of the year when there is nothing new to talk about. They create awful lists. Just look at Spin's latest vomit inducing rant about worst bands ever..the Doors made the list, tell me that isnt a PA stunt to get mentioned. See it worked on me..

3) Emo Jokes - now some of you know I listen to a lot of this stuff and I agree with most of the jokes. The scene is retarded and a lot of the bands are pathetic in different ways. However, making jokes about the kids is getting older than the themes these bands sing about. Why do you care so much?

4) The anecdotal dating story - These usually aren't funny. Just because you laugh at something shitty that happened to you doesn't mean we are supposed to laugh as well. Your life sucks, so be it. I do not think its hilarious that you screwed some girls best friend because she cheated on you first, we all know you went home and cried into one of those Pillow People(theres the link for the pop culturally challenged)

That should be it for now. Make up something on your own. Be funny and creative in your own way - This is why shows like Stella comedy are great and shows like According To Jim are steaming piles of Journey jokes.