Monday, August 15, 2005

See ya on the reservation

I have never been a fan of talking on the phone. I am no good at it because I know as soon as I pick it up I would much rather be doing something else. Usually, I go ahead with my love of more interesting endeavors while attempting to talk on the phone. I can get away with half paying attention most of the time. But someone at MIT has set out to screw men all over the planet. Introducing, the Jerk-O-Meter.

This is more of a nightmare for guys than Dawson's Creek was for me when I was in high school. Man, EVERY girl wanted to watch that show and if you expected to make out at some point in the night guess whos ass was sitting through it. The only thing that kept you going was Katie Holmes, and we know where that has gone. Now, some jackass is ruining the phone for all. While it is not likely(at least if there is some form of god) that this will ever be picked up by cell phone companies, it is still a possibility. Dont even tell me I will have to start *gulp* paying attention!

The phone is the most awkward and annoying thing we have. It is great for text messages and in fact I would trade in my phone for one of those 2 ways in a second. I hate the phone and often times dont bring it out with me when I am going somewhere I do not want to be bothered. The Jerk-O-Meter makes it all the more likely that I would rather revert back to smoke signals. So slap a feather on my head and call me old fashioned, but at least you wont be calling me a jerk.