Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sports..I take them seriously

After having a discussion with the woman this weekend. I have decided that this argument needs to be settled across a much larger audience. There is a fine line between a sports movie and a movie that passes itself off as a sports movie. Thusly, I feel criteria needs to be built in order to prove to said woman that I am in fact correct and her logic is flawed.

A sports movie must have the main focus of the movie be on sports. There of course CAN be sub plots like a sitcom. Plot A = Sports Plot B = the star quarterbacks struggle with becoming old and unable to perform, for an example.

If Plot A = stupid romance blooming between people who happen to be dressed as sports players? Not a sports movie - See Wimbledon.

Therefore I feel I will basically list some acceptables and some non-acceptables

Sports Movies:
Any Given Sunday
The Natural

Not Sports Movies:
Summer Catch
Fever Pitch

There is no arguing this I dont feel. If you would like to offer suggestions as to other criteria I leave the forum open. Commence debate!