Saturday, August 27, 2005

Theres no place like....

As the final semester begins I am thinking..FINALLY GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!

My friends who have graduated give me the "be happy you are still in school". Yeah but I am going to grad school and I do not want to be in this undergrad nightmare anymore. People are so lame and young its amazing. I mean I took time off before going and now I am 24 going on 25 by graduation. I cannot deal with the mentality sometimes.

Should I be sad or something?

I dont know I feel like I will miss the guys I have become good friends with. 2 people in particular have been great friends and are just quality people. You don't meet people like that all the time. Keeping in touch is rough though especially for me. I have no problem just picking up my shit and leaving.

My buddy from home says I get in "UConn Mode" and dont keep in touch with anyone from home and disappear for undisclosed amounts of time. This is pretty much true and part of that is because I never have a sense of home. I never created this concept of home ever. My parents are nuts and its always been an uncomfortable place for me to be around them.

When I graduate and have to sit home until grad school starts I fear I will feel more lost and not at home than ever before. What sucks is that the people there do care about me and are genuine friends and still I dont feel like its home...does this make me a dick or just honest?