Friday, August 05, 2005

You know what would be great.....?

1-If my ears would stop fucking ringing..I am pretty sure they are permanently damaged, they ring really badly whenever I am near anything loud anymore - I am turning 70 but my license says I will be 25...weird

2-If these "massaging gel insoles" actually massaged rather than globbed my foot left and right like I am one of those kids who needs crutches that attach to my arms to walk. People are going to think my spine is all fucked up cause my foot keeps sliding back and forth

3-If my mom stopped listening to country - for the love of fucking god 7:30 am is WAY too early for thinkin tractors are sexy and Shania Twain sing alongs.

4-If bosses at work were as easily convinced as High School teachers to do what you want. You all remember the push over teacher who would take you outside cause the entire class gave em shit until they caved..Bosses should be the same way, the conversation with mine would go like this...

Me: "Come on its 9 am and friday we could be out playing golf, or better yet sleeping.."
Dickhead: "Yeah I hear ya, I need those labels by noon is that ok?"
Me: "No I dont think you understand, please just let us all go come on now its so nice out...COME ON ALREADY ITS NICE WHAT MORE DO U WANT??"
Dickhead: "ok ok we'll end work early"

Ah if only it were a perfect world...