Monday, September 12, 2005

Crash Test

This semester is shaping up to be quite an uphill trek to freedom. I feel like I should rename UConn the Underground Railroad. Tasteless but quality.

Anyway, saw Crash again today. It is rather good. My teacher saw it with me and we talked about it afterwords over some coffee. She said she doesnt see what all the hype was about. This is interesting because I thought she would enjoy it. If anyone saw this and liked it let me know why.

I think it has all this hype because it discusses something that one on one is hard for people to talk about and encompass it all in the shocking and visual manner the movie accomplishes. A text on the same subject would not be as effective for me as the actual movie was. The shot of the father screaming without sound mind you, is powerful and people in the crowd actually gasped.

Arent the movies that shock you, not in an appauling way but just present such a sense of realism it is emotionally involving, just good because they invoke that emotion? I mean you love comedies because you like to laugh..kinda the same thing? maybe not

Anyway go see it.