Friday, September 09, 2005

I might as well rant since thats the cool Blog thing to do - this goes out to you UConn:

If you buy sweatpants that have words on the ass of them. You should thusly assume guys are going to "read" them. Therefore, if you are ginormous please refrain from wearing them, especially if your ass is so large that the letters are moving far too violently for anyone to read.

Oprah - When are you going to get shot or at least Fat again, you were much more entertaining when I could turn on your show with 30 friends and whoever got closest to your weight without going over won the pot. Now you just suck.

One month this summer new music came out and it was all fantastic. That means for this year we are 1/8 with one good album coming out on the 20th of this month which I already have. Where the hell is all the good music at? Someone do something about this, I am quite peeved.

I think its funny that people like to ask me to retell my ex-girlfriend stories to all those around me that have yet to hear them. Never do I get tired of the reactions. Most girls feel that I am a nice guy, while sarcastic and cynical, still a nice kid. It amazes them to no end at the rather large ratio of psychotic to normal that I have dated. If I ever write a novel that is even quasi-autobiographical, you freudian bastards are gonna have a field day trying to figure THAT one out.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. I will be spending my saturday morning from about 9-12 drinking beers and then going to a football game. This is hardly healthy and hope to walk away without weighing 50 lbs more just to turn around and do it again next weekend. FANTASTIC. Football season started boys n girls...take in a the magic.