Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Im rewriting musical history here

Seems as though some people have yet to realize that I just don't care anymore. Girls especially hate this sentiment. "You dated me 1 yr ago you should still care about me". Ok well maybe I would had you not gotten drunk, hit me, and then lied and told people I hit you hmm? Did you think of that?

I don't want stupid IMs sent to me trying to mess with me and make me get angry, it won't work. I do not care. Besides you got fat and you know this. I know this is mean but honestly, I have an absolutely amazing girlfriend right now, and you are not going to win this battle.

Why is it so awful when people stop caring? I mean not about EVERYTHING because thats just detrimental to their own health. But why is it so bad to remove yourself from a bad situation? Look down on me all you want is how I see it. If I remove myself from a bad situation I am only doing myself a favor, decreasing my dukkha if you want to take a buddhist stance on this. That song that goes "Girls just wanna have fu-un" is horseshit..."Girls just want attenti-o-on" oh yes