Saturday, September 03, 2005

People In College Aren't Always Smart

So in class yesterday my teacher clearly asked students not to use particular racial words while we discussed the reasoning behind parents requesting that Huck Fin be banned from schools. There are other students of color in the class as well as the teacher herself. 2 people blantantly dropped the N bomb.

Both were over the age of 40 and should have been able to take direction. The second one said it after the teacher reprimanded the first guy for doing it. This made for a rather uncomfortable place of learning.

Should books be banned? I dont know. I believe that it should be the parents job to take an active role in their childs education and help their kid learn from the text as a historical piece of literature. They should make their child understand that the word is not to be used and that it is offensive and wrong etc. I mean a girl in my class was in tears because of the way people were tossing it around. Sigh..I dunno banning books is wrong I think, I think its the parents that need to take a role and not just shun the school money speaks volumes