Monday, September 05, 2005

You're Not Fully Clean Unless You're COLORfully clean

Be patient with this story guys. I promise you it will be worth it.

So when I was younger I used to rollerblade a lot. Just about every day. Either just to skate or to play roller hockey, whatever. Well one day I was doing a rail slide and slipped...i grabbed the rail to try and slow myself and dislocated my shoulder. I had a series of subluxations after that which left my shoulder in bad shape at the age of 18. I had arthritis and needed surgery. The surgery was nothing major and it went well.

Since then I haven't had any incidents until this past friday. I was playing football and I went to tackle someone and my fingers got caught up on someones leg which yanked my arm forward as my momentum caused my body to proceed going in the opposite direction. My shoulder had another subluxation and eventually went back into the socket on its own. It has been a little uncomfortable since friday but nothing to worry about.

I had asked the girl who lives next to me for an advil the other day and she complied and hooked me up. Tonight I ran into her in the hallway and she told me that she received some information about my shoulder and how to make it better. I said "what?" and she replied, "Yeah I know its weird. We will go on a walk later if you want to know and I will tell you". "Ok sure".

So enter the walk. We proceed to walk and she explains to me that I need a color cleansing. My colors and chakra are off. I have a yellow issue. She will do the color cleansing for me, she has prepared an essence for me. I have to wear yellow for 3 days, preferably to bed. I have to meditate 5-10 mins before bed with a prepared meditation she has. She will do the color cleansing. The imbalance and pain in my shoulder is a physical manifestation of an emotional issue. I am carrying with me the burden of some female and its resting on my shoulder and causing the pain. Who gave her the information?

MY GUIDE?!? Yes boys and girls, my guide visited her in a meditation and told her about my issue. If she hadn't offered me the option (because by asking for advil I was asking for help), then her shoulder would begin to hurt. WHAT THE HELL? She is freakin nuts. Who the hell says this to someone they barely know? I asked for an advil not for a color cleansing and freedom from my burdens. Apparently this will improve my creativity and my writing as well. Now I know why Derrida and Heidegger were such geniuses...they got color cleansings.